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Groups that performed at least once under an advertised name

Liquid Frequency

[Posting for a friend…] 1978 One afternoon following orchestra rehearsal, I was standing near the stage door and I noticed a tall, thin man with very long, dark hair. He had soft, brown eyes and chiseled features. I’d never seen … Continue reading

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Word from the Grave – ArtBus

In 1985, the Neoteric created and sponsored an event known as ArtBus. This ArtBus poster was a sendup of the Artrain logo ca. 1985 …another used photos from the electronic music studios The date stamp signaled Student Association approval Rebecca … Continue reading

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A passing

Eugene X Rator at New Music America, 1982 Whether you know him as Rick Calderon, Eugene, Rator, or someone else, he left the building for good on May 1, 2013. It will take some doing to craft a fitting memorial, … Continue reading

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Still Bucka after all these years

On 5/3/13 2:09 AM, Jim Christopulos wrote: > Hi, > > Just found the Dekalborama website while doing a web search for Rick > Calderon. Just heard earlier that he passed on. Very, very sad news as > he was … Continue reading

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To the Neoteric diaspora

Naturally, the web already has a “Diaspora Project.” But so shall dekalborama. And now I sense a digression coming on…. Redundancy is, after all, the new herald of popularity. Come to think of it, it was also the old one. … Continue reading

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Firing Stage 2

Well, it’s probably clear by now I’m not much of a blogger: it’s been almost three months since my last post on this site. Yet has pretty much consumed my spare time in those months—not complaining, just stating the … Continue reading

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Tales of Power

Tales of Power was originally performed in 1976 at the University of Delaware.  It was scored for the U of D dance theater company under the direction of Debra Loewen. The NIU poster was based on photos from the original … Continue reading

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Raising the barn

This post shares its title with the current task list over at dekalbowiki. My last two weeks have been largely devoted to the heavy lifting of whacking the MediaWiki installation into place, reimplementing the WordPress look and feel, and starting … Continue reading

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Ice fishing

It’s been quite a week here for re-creation: that is, I am relearning the lessons of getting launched, reconfigured, and launched again, as I apply them to Now that we’re in that site’s third trimester, it seemed a … Continue reading

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