Ice fishing

It’s been quite a week here for re-creation: that is, I am relearning the lessons of getting launched, reconfigured, and launched again, as I apply them to Now that we’re in that site’s third trimester, it seemed a little attention was in order, so on January 1 I sawed a big hole in my personal timescape and plunged in to see whether I can remember MediaWiki administration. At first, they were pretty slow to bite, but now the memories are practically jumping into the hut with me.

There’s still much to do. Wiki mechanics aside, there’s the whole invitations business. It’s been twenty years since the last Neoteric Ensemble performance—OK, Future Fellow Contributors, that’s a gimme: if I’m wrong, leave a comment!—and yours truly was only along for part of the ride. Back then, there was barely an Internet. Now, we’ll be lucky to get snail-mail forwarding for anyone Google can’t find. But first, to compile the names and then put the six-degrees phenomenon to work:

I’m starting to scan and upload graphics this weekend!

—Cross-posted at 2012-01-09

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