dekalbowiki:Current events

The projects and contributions area at

Raising the barn

Here's the list of current tasks needing immediate attention. The site's not really safely in orbit until these are done.


Ongoing actions

Deferred big ticket items

  • Administration
    • Contact us (share with WordPress menu)
  • Mechanics
    • Shared user DB
      • Sign up from MediaWiki or WordPress
      • Common sign-on and password
      • Easiest done ASAP!

Maintenance like dodging asteroids

...or wildfires. Oh, well. Life's like that. Five years on, there are more important things to do...

  • Migrate to compatible LTS release(s)
    • See MediaWiki's Download page
    • Update PHP to current recommended version
    • Re-skin wiki as needed to keep abreast of recommended supporting software
      • Discontinue use of TwentyTen and ENKten skins
      • Update skinning methods per MediaWiki LTS 1.23 and 1.27


  • Install Extension:PdfHandler
    • Woah! GoDaddy will not support needed commands!
    • Aborted until future host move —Gongmaster 2012-02-04
  • Fix File List table format
    • All text readable in the frame
    • Submit to Sam Wilson if interested
    • Final disposition: TwentyTen theme superseded by MediaWiki maintenance ca. 2015, 2017
  • Link to ccHost
    • ccHost software not reliably maintained or easy to administer
    • "Thousands of breaking fixes" to get to PHP 5.4
    • Use of ccHost to be discontinued at sister site ca. 2018
  • Assign account admins
    • No takers as of 2018