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Welcome to the wiki. This is as close to a guidebook as we have.

Projects on the wiki

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Ephemera is our big book of everything Neoteric. Please help this project attain critical mass: if you have material festering in long-forgotten boxes in the basement, storage unit, or broken-down van over by the tracks, contact us for options on how to copy, loan, convert, or post. And if you're blessed with an organizing impulse, well...'nuff said!

NMA82 anim 125.gifNMA82 sm.png

New Music America '82 is arguably the most exciting document trove we've posted yet. Tim Blickhan's SLR managed to capture the early Ensemble's hysterically charged performance energy along with glimpses of actual new music illuminati in the audience.

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Gene Nichols snail-mailed in an assortment of posters, programs, scores, and audio which we're lofting into web orbit one file at a time. Besides recollecting the early days of 1981-1982, the collection includes Gene's take on Richard Brautigan's Loading Mercury With a Pitchfork.

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Diaspora project: In the "where are they now" department, we're tracking down the former band members, composers, authors, supporters, and descendants of the dekalborama scene. As links to their activities today are unearthed, we'll post them here. Dave blogged a bit to explain the impulse

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Relâche video project: Getting video working on the wiki—especially in a way any member can readily use—turned out to be a month-long endeavor. But at last we had clips from the grainy document—recorded live in 1986 on a much re-used VHS tape—converted to MPEG-4 and Flash and playing on most browsers. Then re-implemented all over again on the upgrade to MediaWiki 1.36, plus Flash is dead. And so it goes.

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Mission status: Getting any site off the ground is complicated. Things are planned and some of them happen, while other things happen, some of them planned. We've posted a list of things done and those needing doing, called Raising the barn.

Pardon the security

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We're not as open as we'd like to be. Thanks to the prevalence of link spammers and our volunteer nature—who has time for spambot hunting?—this is currently a semi-closed site. Please contact us if you'd got stuff to upload and we'll send you a key. Better yet, if you're able to secure a wiki (know how to configure the Spam Blacklist extension?) or have extensive web design experience to share, tell us how and help us figure out how we can skip the login step.

Finding your way around dekalborama

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This graphic indicates you're on the wiki part of the site. Generally it will also work as a link to take you to the main wiki page, in case you find yourself mired in some deep maze of wiki little passages....

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This graphic indicates you're on a non-wiki part of the site. It should also usually work as a link to take you to the dekalborama home page. But unless we break it, the menu bar at the top of each page is probably the surest way to get back and forth between the wiki and blog pages.

About MediaWiki

For the experimentally inclined

  • Our Sandbox isn't really one and should probably be safer than it is....
  • The Video Sandbox should work better than it does. Someday, my HTML5 will come....

Matters of record

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Mission 0000: Site Launch: At this point we may as well admit the site is launched. The countdown looked something like this:

...3... = 12:29, 6 January 2012 (MST)
...2... = 15:12, 14 January 2012 (MST)
...1... = 00:22, 21 January 2012 (MST)
...0... Well, we missed zero, somehow. It was sometime before Firing Stage 2 was written on April 15, 2012. And there's a smidgen more history on the earliest blog pages, but not much.