• A place to play.
  • A place to spawn new pages.
  • A place to test what works.

Setting up for spam filters....

See whether these exist....

Setting up templates for submissions and linkings

Let's test it: Ephemera rectoA anim 125.gif

[edit] Testing the bigbullet css class....

Ephemera rectoB stat 125.gif

Use "id='ephemera'" to invoke the animated "Neoteric book" image under the cover.

Ephemera rectoB stat 125.gif

Using no "id" value gives us the default background animation....

Ephemera rectoB stat 125.gif

But can we override the animation by simply using the style property during invocation?

No. But surely there is some css way to do image substitution without defining style sheets for individual pages....

[edit] More convenient workspaces

Creating Collection of Gene Nichols

Cheryl Glenn Dan Fisher Tom Zajac

Working through the diaspora:

  • Anyone left?

Add link to a blank page for nominees. Removal from this list should mean a page exists!

Our video experiments dragged on and on, so now there's a separate page...