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The Neoteric book project

This page is the index to the Neoteric Ensemble book project and all things Neoteric. I'm titling the book Ephemera: urged on by Joseph Pinzarrone until JP decides on something better (The subtitle is from the 1985 program notes for Virtuoso Works for Elastic Theatre).

Please consider uploading whatever you've got that's related to the Neoteric Ensemble of DeKalb, Illinois. If it's your own work, assume it will be used in upcoming production(s) based on this site. It's especially useful if you add the phrase "Used with permission" in the Special:Upload comment text.

We want to check out everything from anybody, so please pass the links on to anyone you know who took part or has an interest.

— Dave Ayer, 2012

Progress, such as it is[edit]

Add useful links here. Pointers to new material or works in progress are particularly interesting.

Collection of Gene Nichols[edit]

Gene sent over a ton of goodies that arrived June 25,2012. That included three (count 'em: three!) audio CDs to upload. Visit and revisit Gene's collection because it will take some time before everything's scanned and loaded.

Collection of Tim Blickhan[edit]

Tim started submitting material the week of January 30. If he doesn't have the most extensive collection—an assertion some challenger would need to prove—it's still likely his is the best preserved and most thoroughly circumscribes the collective Ensemble oeuvre. Check it out!

Collection of David and Rebecca Ayer[edit]

We've scanned in almost everything Neoteric-related and worth scanning, which amounted to about fifty graphic images, and uploaded them to the site. Commentary is in progress, and more memories and corrections are welcome. Check out the link for the current list.

Collection of Joseph Pinzarrone[edit]

This is just a place holder for now until JP begins excavating his garage....


The collection is a compiled list of independent pages which are then collected by [transclusion]. I had the idea that it would be useful to organize things so that files could be used in separate views: say, as a collection but also appearing in an article about a band or individual. So there are also templates for:

I'm pretty sure I went way overboard on this. Do feel free to organize your material as you like it, or to improve on my schema.