Firing Stage 2

Well, it’s probably clear by now I’m not much of a blogger: it’s been almost three months since my last post on this site. Yet has pretty much consumed my spare time in those months—not complaining, just stating the facts here—and it’s been a great learning exercise. I’ve managed to get more extensions working on both blog and wiki domains than on my own humble site, figured out how to add file types to the wiki and declare MIME types to browsers, posted a bunch of our stuff along with Tim’s, and tilted with the video dragons for a month without loss of life, limb, or dignity (well, other than the Relâche business with the pants). But it is feeling like time to get back to a few of the other irons in my personal fire.

Tim Blickhan’s been a great help getting the word out and dredging up contact information. The Diaspora category in the blog site sidebar lists our contacts who’ve responded to date. All hint at a vast trove of material yet to be uploaded—assuming it can be unearthed—and we look forward to helping with that as it happens. Meanwhile, contact us for access, to share news or an email address, whatever.

Anyone up for restaging Toujours Perdrix at the Long Beach Soundwalk (assuming they have it) in 20xx?

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