Raison d’être

This site grew out of the oft-discussed but just-as-oft neglected desire of several former members to assemble a coffee-table book cataloging the exploits of the Neoteric Ensemble of DeKalb, Illinois. JP’s been talking to me about this since at least the mid-90’s. We planned to ask fellow veterans of the old milieu to loan their thoughts, poems, scores, posters, video stills, commentary, and any other remnants of the group’s ten years of activity to be reproduced in an archival form and made available to the world. Publication costs could conceivably be offset by sales of the book—the majority probably to the admittedly small interest group of former hosts, members, and supporters—so the product’s finished quality would depend as much on a delicate balance of expectation and largesse as on the condition of the artifacts contributed.

Enter Web 2.0. It occurred to us that maybe developments of the last two decades would make this project easier and less expensive and might even deliver an acceptable product with next to no distribution cost. At the very least, materials collection would be simplified, since we could post scanned images on line. And some of the multimedia flavor might even be preserved if we used an electronic format.

Please contact me if you’d got stuff to upload and I’ll send you a key. Better yet, if you’re able to secure a wiki, tell me how so we can skip that step….

— Dave Ayer, January 2012

2 Responses to Raison d’être

  1. Mark Nagy says:

    I have two Neoteric rectial programs. One is an interpretation of the Ring Cycle and the other is a version of Euripedis’ The Bachaee

    • gongmaster says:

      Mark, we’d love to post them. Everything I have from that era is here already. Definitely do not have the Ring program.

      If you’d like to upload yourself, drop an email to gongmaster@wikigong.com and I can set you up. Or send attachments to that same address.

      Sorry for the moderation, just don’t have quite the tech chops to deal with all the spam sites get these days.

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