A passing

Eugene at NMA '82

Eugene X Rator at New Music America, 1982

Whether you know him as Rick Calderon, Eugene, Rator, or someone else, he left the building for good on May 1, 2013.

It will take some doing to craft a fitting memorial, and it’s too soon for anything comprehensive. So for the time being, this page just marks the spot where a memorial might someday be. Many of you have written in over the past weeks. It’s clear his passing—or maybe the whisper of it, followed by a Google search?—has knocked loose many memories and old tales. Some of those I’ve read have been about Eugene, but at least as many not. You are of course welcome to post comments here, or email us with your permission and we’ll add your emails and letters, photos, programs, and what-have-you to the blog pages.

For now, see Bucka Christopulos’ musings on the Neoteric Ensemble and Howard and the White Boys, and JP’s recollections of earlier times with Rator at Northern. We’ll have more in a bit.

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