dekalbowiki:Current events


Raising the barn

Here's the list of current tasks needing immediate attention. The site's not really safely in orbit until these are done.


  • Security
    • Add and test email confirmation
    • Complete Anti-spam setup
  • Administration
    • Contact us (share with WordPress menu)
  • Mechanics
    • Shared user DB
      • Sign up from MediaWiki or WordPress
      • Common sign-on and password
      • Easiest done ASAP!
  • Pages needed
  • Actions
    • Compile invitation list
    • Hunt addresses and contact info
      • Happening organically already....
    • Send invites

Non-critical pending

  • Pages needed
    • Bands
    • People
    • Projects
  • Mechanics
    • Fix File List table format
      • All text readable in the frame
      • Submit to Sam Wilson if interested
    • Link to ccHost?
  • Administration
    • Assign account admins
    • Change registrar info